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October 9, 2018

A Summer Barber Park Wedding

Amber + Brian

Boise, Idaho

When Brian reached out to me to inquire about wedding photography services, I thought it was a scam of sorts! Lol!

I mean, I had yet to find a groom who took the initiative to find and book a Wedding Photographer, until Brian that is! So when he reached out to me directly, I have to admit… I was a bit leery!

The fact that he was willing to take on this task told me three things:

1- That’s actually a thing… like it can happen for a groom to scout out, and book a wedding photographer all-by-himself! 🙂

2- Brian REALLY loves and cares for his fiancé! He understood wedding planning can be very stressful, especially for the bride. So when he recognized Amber getting stressed, he decided to take this task off her plate. = A good guy!!

3- His Bride has A LOT of TRUST in her groom! = A good bride!

…and what photographer doesn’t want that? After meeting them for dinner, I knew they were the real deal and I was excited for the opportunity to document their beautiful day!

#TRP-TOP100 from this gorgeous Barber Park Wedding is below,

With Love,



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