Planning a wedding is no joke. I still remember, very vividly, having to take a “break” from planning because it was literally starting to take over me, and the last I wanted to be known as was “Bridezilla”!  Looking back at my own experience, and now as a photographer, I decided to create a list of things I wish ALL clients know about.

Wedding Day Timeline

I can’t stress enough how important it is to talk with your photographer about your wedding day schedule. It really has the ability to make or break the type of photos you dream of and your entire photography experience. Looping them in early will help save you costly mistakes when it comes to your wedding day photography. For a blog, I posted on “How to Plan a Photography-Based Wedding Timeline” click here.


While sometimes I daydream and wish people could magically read my mind – they can’t, and they will never be able to!  This continues to still hold true in wedding photography. Do not expect your photographer to know your guests, who are most important to you, or details that are significant. Tell your photographer about little DIY projects, sentimental items, and special people so nothing and no one is left out of the photographs.

Shot Lists

Shot lists may be in magazines to help you get an idea of what not to miss, but hiring a photographer you trust and love their work can make all the difference. Instead of trying to dictate photos that you have seen before, give your photographer the creative license to capture your day as it deserves to be documented.

Formal Family Portraits

These can be stressful, for both the bride and groom, family members, and photographer! To make the process as easy as possible it is best to make a detailed list, with names, of the people in each family grouping you’d like. I always send my clients a wedding questionnaire prior to the wedding which requests some of this important information. It’s very helpful, especially for my assistant, so we can know who to call by name for each portrait. This will keep things moving, as well as make sure that no one is forgotten in the moment. Also, it is good to estimate five minutes per grouping to allow for gathering.

Light Matters

If you take anything away from this blog post, let it be this: the most important component of photography is light. It can make the difference between a fresh gorgeous image and a dull, dark image. When planning your wedding, consider the light. In my book the more natural light the better!

Details matter

The details of your wedding (invitations, dress, shoes, jewelry, florals, etc.) are what make your wedding unique and different. They are also the things you spend hours and hours working on, deciding on, and paying for! So, make sure they are easily accessible and ready to be photographed on your wedding day. For me, the details are what I will start the day with photographing.

Have your Photographer Eat When you Do

No one enjoys having their photo taken when they are eating, so by having your photographer(s) eat at the same time you do nothing will be missed or rushed.

Pinterest is Great, But

Everyone loves Pinterest, myself included, but keep in mind that Pinterest is a collection of the best images out there. It is not a whole wedding day collection. Go ahead, get inspiration, and find ideas, but I urge people to break away from copying ideas and instead make their own come to life. Styles are ever-evolving, so don’t get sucked into trying to follow the trends. For How To Best Use Pinterest To Plan Your Wedding, click Here.

What Takes So Long

I completely understand that everyone wants to see their wedding images as soon as possible, but please understand that a lot of work goes into your images after your wedding day. Every photo that is taken at your wedding is looked through, removing all duplicates, out-of-focus, or unflattering shots. The remaining images are then individually edited to make sure the exposure and coloring of the images are correct. Once that is finished some light retouching may be done. The images are then uploaded to an online proofing gallery for viewing, sharing, and printing purposes. This process can take up to ten-twelve weeks to complete. I do my best to complete the editing process as quickly as possible while not losing any quality in the process.

As always, I hope you find this blog post useful in helping you plan a stress-free (as possible) wedding and overall photography experience!!

P.s. I know Family Portraits can be stressful for the bride and groom! Click here for 4 Tips For Stress-Free Family Photos at your Wedding!

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