Although I love photography, there's a whole lot more to me than just a love for beautiful photos... so let's dive in!

I was that girl growing up who had NO space on her walls, as they were all covered with photo’s (photos of friends, family, new kids on the block (love you, JORDAN!!), you name it). This grew into my hobby of creating picture books of Isaac and I’s travels all over the world, which turned into Isaac suggesting I buy a professional camera, which turned into a fire in my belly to try this photography business… and well, here I am.

Wedding & Senior Photographer

Meet Tina


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# of kids we have– by choice 😉

# of beloved fur babies we take care of

The year we moved to beautiful Idaho and purchased our first home

# of years I've been an HR professional  #AnotherPassion!

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My Fam-Bam

My photography style can be described as candid, real, and genuine. To achieve this, I like to create a fun experience for my seniors and couples, doing just about anything to make my clients laugh while also keeping it simple!

As a photographer I want to capture for you, your special season, your moments that matter, and beautiful memories, that ten, twenty, forty+ years from now, you can look back on, and reminisce as if it was yesterday; like I do.

"We only have ONE life to live and because of its brevity, I want to be fearless in pursing what God has laid on my heart– a passion to take special seasons in life, that are gone in the blink of an eye, and turn them into extraordinary heirlooms that people can cherish forever." 

Because, you see, I am happy being a healthcare HR extraordinaire, a liberator of human potential so to speak– that's what I do when I'm not working on my business or capturing moments with my clients! The thought of being a business owner seemed daunting and far off, if not impossible. But after losing both parents, in hospice, at such a young age, it hit me...


few years ago, if you had told me I could be a professional photographer and business owner, I would have laughed!

Let me see, PB & celery, PB & apples, PB & jelly, PB & toast, PB & chocolate... need I say more?


Peanut Butter

It’s either a smooth red blend or an extra hot, no foam, vanilla latte with oat milk, for me please!


Coffee or Wine

My favorite characters are Monica and Ross. They're the BEST bro/sis duo of.all.time!


Any episode of Friends

May 26th. The day I married my love, my ride or die, my calm in the midst of a storm!


My Wedding Day

Swiping THEEE Michael Jackson's hand at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for my 21st birthday. Yes, screaming profusely, running past/through other screaming fans, jamming the escalator, and getting stuck between the right turnabout doors, there he was. He walked right past me and stuck out his hand as I again yelled, "MICHAEL"!!! #Weird, I know.


Michael Jackson

The day I truly understood who Jesus was and what He did. #Faith.


Understanding JEsus

Being by my Mom and Dad’s bedside as they took their final breath after a battle with Cancer (she was 47) and liver disease (he was 63). I'm extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to say "goodbye". They’d be so proud of me for chasing my dreams and doing what I love. Mom/dad, this one's for us!


My Mom & Dad

A few of my most favorite things...

Tina's Top 7


I LOVE to travel! My favorite destination to date is Mauritius - a small island off of South Africa. If you are looking for a high end, classy 5-star resort off in the Indian ocean, hol-la!

If I could have any superpower, it would be the ability to heal sickness and disease, or, have the ability to manipulate time... yeah, either of those would do!


I have an AA degree in liberal arts, a BA in HR Management, and an MBA. After Isaac suggested I purchase a professional camera, I quickly accepted his suggestion, and well here I am.


From "Tay-Tay" to Garth Brooks, my musical taste and pandora lists are quite expansive and versatile.


I keep self-made photo books of all our travels, because I really do love the preservation of memories and enjoy reminiscing on the stories they capture and memories they create.


I'm a California girl at heart. You can take the girl outta CA but you can’t take CA outta the girl. Lived in the Bay Area 12 years before moving to beautiful Boise!


I've been married since 2006, no kids, but three cats. Frodo, Zeek, and Tux, or "the cats" when in trouble.


I miraculously made it to the Top 20 in the Miss Oregon pageant in 10th grade. I had dreams I tell you, dreams!


I'd say I'm definitely an Outgoing Introvert... yes, the struggle is real!


The "Sticks", a term I use to describe where I grew up, A.K.A. near Sunriver, Or.


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Tina Ricketts is a Wedding & Senior Portrait Photographer serving Boise, ID and Worldwide

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