Planning a wedding involves many decisions. You know you’ve found the right partner, but then the search begins for the right venue, the right gown, and the right colors.  But one important consideration on your wedding day is to consider the right light. If you’ve ever talked to a photographer or any visual artist, you’ve probably heard them talk about light, but why is it so important? In this post, I’ve compiled my top three reasons why light is so important on your wedding day.

Reason One: Not All Light Is Created Equal

There’s a reason it’s hard to imagine taking moody, romantic pictures under bright floodlights—or sporty, celebratory pictures in a wash of foggy, dim light. That’s because there is a difference between the harsh, bright light of artificial lights and the soft light that usually comes naturally. Different lights create different moods.

But you don’t want to go too soft, either. Dark shadows are not awesome, and you want your lights to be bright enough to light up your faces when you’re taking pictures. That’s what photographers do—we find that balance on where the light levels should be.

Reason Two: The Right Light Brings Out Your Best Look

As a wedding photographer, I’ve spent enough time talking to brides about what they want from their wedding photography to know one thing for sure: brides love bright, airy looks for their wedding photos. The right light can capture not only that mood but also bring out the natural beauty of a couple and their friends and family. This is especially true during the final hours in the day, when the perfect lighting can bring out natural skin tones. Sometimes called golden hour, the color of the light is warmer and creates natural drama in your wedding photography.

Reason Three: Light Creates Variety

Natural light is everywhere. The light that filters down through the leaves on a forest path, the light of a sunset—any place you could choose, there is some natural lighting for a photographer to find and to play with. If you’re willing to leave the small indoor space of a studio or wedding venue, you might just be surprised what your photographer can do!

Every wedding and every style is different, of course, but I hope that this helps to explain that the right light matters. Whether inside in a beautiful church or outside in a bright, sunlit field, I always help my clients find the best light for their wedding day.

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October 5, 2017

Three Reasons Why Lighting Matters

three reasons why lighting matters tina ricketts

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