One of my favorite things about today’s fashion culture is how easy it is to express your style, and how a little bit of everything can be mixed in. Whether it’s rustic, whimsical, modern, alfresco, formal, class or chic, your style is especially important when it comes to wedding planning. You want your personalities and passions to shine through, which is what ultimately makes your wedding stand out and feel special. The key and important first step in this process is to first get a clear understanding of your style, theme, and vision for your wedding day, and, of course, get on the same page with your man!  Luckily for me, my hubby didn’t have super strong opinions about the wedding details, style, or look – he took the “whatever you’d like” approach and helped me make final decisions when I was stuck! I knew he was a keeper from the start!


While there are plenty of “Find your wedding theme” quizzes out there to help you determine which wedding style best matches your personality, I especially liked the one from Junebug Weddings because of its style and questions! To access, click here.


When it comes to selecting your Wedding Style, here are 3 Tips to keep in mind:


Create an inspiration board

This is especially helpful for the visual bride, like myself, because it helps to bring all of the different elements together so you can see how they look. A good tip is to look for design inspiration in disciplines other than the wedding world (i.e. favorite hotel, window displays and styled nooks, furniture store, wall paper designs, etc.)


Narrow it down

Identify hobbies you and your fiancé have in common – this will help ensure your hubby doesn’t feel “left out” and it can help shape your style by focusing on one concept you can incorporate throughout the wedding. This also goes without saying, don’t get sidetracked. Once you’ve narrowed it down, stop looking!  I’m telling you now, from personal experience, it will only add to the design-related stress that comes with searching and re-searching for ideas once a decision was made – just save yourself the headache!


If something doesn’t fit, save them for other outlets

One of the hardest things about selecting and defining your wedding theme is the plethora of choices! It’s hard to not want to fit everything in, but the problem in doing so can cause an inauthentic vibe to the wedding day, leaving guests confused. If you have an inspiration board that contains elements that don’t fit the “bigger picture”, save them for your bridal shower, future baby shower, or the design of your new living room.


Happy wedding-style hunting!


March 26, 2018

What’s your Wedding Style?

Thank you for reading!


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