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November 6, 2018

Why Creating a Wedding Planning Keepsake Should Be On your To-Do!

Wedding Planning Keepsake


Wedding planning can be super stressful, whether you have hired a wedding planner or not!

For most brides, the next 10-14+ months of their lives is dedicated to planning the most special event of her life, one that comes and goes in a blink of an eye, literally. Not only the wedding day itself, but the bridal shower(s), bachelorette party, wedding rehearsal dinner, etc. are all part of that planning process. I love keeping memento’s (my grandma’s handwritten letters, letters Isaac wrote to me before we started dating, our first-year anniversary cards from families and friends). I’ve always been that way and my wedding day and all the planning that led to it, were no different.

So, I set out create a keepsake binder that would remind me of that special time in my life and all the hard work, planning, and thought that went into make our wedding day the most special!

Everyone’s keepsake will look different depending on what matters to them. Here’s a list of all the items I kept:

  • Wedding Invitation
  • Bridesmaid luncheon invitations
  • DIY heart shaped wedding day programs
  • Linen swatch
  • Favors
  • Bridal shower invitation
  • My Jasmine Haute Couture wedding dress tag (to reminisce on how skinny I was back then I guess??? Lol).
  • Master wedding planning checklist
  • Budget analysis
  • Reception and ceremony layout plans/diagrams
  • Play list
  • Our wedding website relationship timeline!


I’m so thankful I decided to start a keepsake of all the wedding planning. If I hadn’t so many things I would have forgotten I did, or planned, or created to make that day special. If you are in the midst of wedding planning, even if you’ve hired your own wedding planner, I would encourage you to start a keepsake box with these treasured memories… trust me, you will thank me one day!!


With love,


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