Newly engaged. 3 things to do next

He asked and you said YES!! You are now newly engaged, so now what? There are so many things to think about, many people to contact, and so much to get done. A whirlwind of awesomeness! But don’t be overwhelmed, just take one day at a time. So, where do you get started? Of all the things to do post engagement, here are my TOP 3 things to do next: 

Number 1

Announce to family, then friends that are like family, then everyone else.

Trust me, I know how bad you want to post that ring selfie on Instagram/Facebook! But, for the love, hold back – there’s a hierarchy to this! You wouldn’t want your 8th grade science fair partner to find out about this major life milestone beforeyour mom, would you? (Your mom wouldn’t want this, trust me, I checked with her.). As soon as you’re ready to start telling anyone, family comes first. Call them up (this is not the time for a text!) or pay a visit if you’re local. Next up, your best friends—think, the people you’ll end up asking to be in the wedding party. Finally, when all the VIPs know and have showered you with love, it’s time for the “we just got engaged!!” social media post. Oh, and, once it’s posted, get ready for hella likes.

Number 2

Research Wedding Venues

Some would say you can’t book your wedding venue until you know your date. However, I would argue you can’t book a date until you’ve nailed down your dream venue!! Do some research online first, or maybe you already have a place in mind and can call to get more information on pricing and availability. In either case, this task makes it to my top 3! 

Number 3

Plan an Engagement Party

Not sure whether or not you want or need an engagement party? My stance on the issue is: Why not? After you and your partner announce your engagement, tons of people will want to celebrate you—a party is a great way to celebrate with everyone, together, and also an excellent excuse to shop for your first of many little white dresses! Some questions to think about: 

  • Do you want to plan it or hand the reins over to parents or friends? 
  • Do you want to go low key and have it at your home or in a friend’s backyard? 
  • Would you rather everyone meet at your favorite bar for drinks or rent a space for a catered dinner? 

You don’t have to make lots of important wedding decisions after you just get engaged, but if you’re thinking you want an engagement party, and want help planning it (or want it thrown for you entirely), it’s time to pick your wedding party so they can get to work (I checked with them, they’re psyched). 

If you want to throw your own engagement party, you can hold on asking your bridal party members until later on. But the earlier you ask, the more help you can take advantage of, sooner! 

Bonus #1Click here for Why hiring a Wedding planner is a great idea!

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Remember, there’s no official wedding timeline out there for the newly engaged that you have to stick to. If you want to be engaged for two years, go for it! You shouldn’t start until you’re ready to devote the time, money and effort it takes to plan the wedding of your dreams. Otherwise, sit back, relax, and enjoy engagement season! 

March 25, 2019

Newly Engaged? 3 Things To Do Next

newly engaged engagement

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