If you’re a bride or groom who values photography, the task of picking a wedding photographer can be daunting and somewhat terrifying. After all, there are no re-dos. You’re going to get married once, and you only have one shot to pick a photographer. You’re spending a lot of money, and you’re putting all your eggs in one basket… without being able to see the final product in advance. Yikes! Scary!!

I try to put myself in my clients’ shoes when I am meeting with them to talk about their photography needs. Even though I’ve never hired a wedding photographer myself (I was blessed to have a co-worker volunteer to photograph my wedding for FREE!), I think I can imagine the fear and trepidation they must feel. In addition to this, we hear FAR TOO MANY horror stories involving wedding photographers not delivering, and newlyweds being left disappointed or heartbroken.

So, from a photographer’s point of view, I thought I’d share a few tips on making this huge decision. I know it may seem that I’m a little biased (pick me! pick me!) but I honestly don’t think every bride out there is right for me or me for them. So how do you find the best wedding photographer for you?

Three simple pieces of advice:

Settle on Style First

Before you even begin researching photographers, first make a decision on which type of photography style you prefer. Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • Documentary: Instead of a series of posed photos, these are candid or spontaneous pictures of people, décor and the action. Typical shots might include the lavish raw bar before guests start digging in, your motley crew of cousins dancing, or you and your bridesmaids laughing, champagne in hand.
  • Portraiture: If you prefer classic portraits (think: your parents’ wedding album), go with a traditional photographer who specializes in portraiture.
  • Fine Art: Though it’s similar to documentary photography, this style gives the shooter greater artistic license to infuse their particular point of view and style into your photographs. So while the shots reflect reality, it’s the photographer’s reality.
  • Edgy and Bold: This style of photography, an offshoot of fine art, is marked by outside-the-box, tilted angles and unconventional framing.

Many wedding photographers can do a blend of portraiture and documentary-style shots, and will do a mix of black-and-white and color images, but if there’s a special style you love, make sure to focus on photographers who specialize in it. If you FEEL something when you look through their portfolio at a bunch of strangers’ wedding photos, you are guaranteed to love your own photos all the more!

Ask to view an entire wedding worth of photos — the proofs.

Any photographer can show you a slideshow of their best 50 photos they’ve ever shot and you will be impressed. But that won’t give you a good sense for what your wedding photos will look like. You want to make sure they have good quality photos throughout the course of one entire wedding.

Make sure you like them as a person.

Whoever you pick to be your photographer is going to be around you and your family for many hours on the best day of your life. So you want to feel comfortable with them and most of all, be able to TRUST them.

If you make your choice for a photographer based on the above three criteria MORESO than based on price, you GREATLY increase your chances of being thrilled with the result of this once-in-a-lifetime decision.

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December 16, 2017

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer that is Right For You!

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