Bridal Beauty Answers from the Experts!

All eyes are on you…

If there is one day that all eyes are on you, it’s your wedding day. So it’s no surprise that bridal makeup and hair is a BIG deal! There’s so much confidence and joy that brides feel when they know they look amazing on their big day — it’s one of the things that makes capturing their wedding day so much fun! But wedding makeup and bridal beauty can be a little intimidating, especially if you don’t wear it everyday, or have it professionally done very often. So unless doing bridal hair and makeup is your side hustle, you might have a few questions! Queue Niki and Mariah with The Styled Market Boise! I reached out to both to ask them to share their expertise for my clients!

Bridal Makeup Questions:

Q1: What are the top three long-lasting lipsticks you would recommend to brides?

My favorite lipsticks are the liquid lipsticks from limelife, they are sooo creamy and wear beautiful. Matte Estee Lauder lipsticks are so long wearing and have great color pay off with no oxidization. For Bride’s looking for a non-lipstick option, the NYX cream liners are great! The wax base is creamy and long wearing and a great price point.

Q2: Is there any aspect of wedding makeup that brides are usually surprised by?

Brides usually are surprised to see how much makeup is required for a “natural look” you need about 30% more makeup for photography so what looks heavy in life is super subtle in photos.

Q3: What should be in every bride’s “beauty emergency” kit on her wedding day?

Emergency items should include Bobbi pins, safety pins and small scissors. Scissors are gold on wedding day, don’t ask me why lol!

Q4: Do you see any rising trends in bridal beauty?

A lot of Instagram trends tend to be shown to me, but I always encourage away from trendy. Going with trends will date your photos so fast. I always say enhance what you have naturally and keep it neutral, you’ll look like you and be way happier with the result.

Q5: What is the most #1 most important thing you want brides to know?

The most important thing for brides to understand is that having you and your bridal parties makeup done goes well beyond just making you feel special that day. It is an investment in your photos. We want all our brides to look amazing and love their photos forever. And we know how much of an easier time photographers have in editing when they dont have to add makeup to their clients!

Bridal Hair Questions:

Q1: What are some common mistakes that you see brides make when trying to decide on a wedding hairstyle?

Brides spend too much time searching Pinterest! Often times they come in with an idea, then spend forever on Pinterest and end up rethinking everything! Stay awayyyyyy.

Q2: What is a big misconception brides have about wedding hairstyles?

That what they see online is achievable for everyone. So often your hair may not be able to get the style you’ve fallen in love with. Whether that is because of color, texture, length, volume or shape, you may not be able to get that pinned look. Be open to working with what you have.

Q3: Are there specific things a bride should not do to her hair the night before the wedding?

Do not color, cut or use chemicals! We will do what we need to the day of, we don’t need help lol.

Q4: What should the bride do to her hair the night before the wedding?

Wash you hair and take time to blow dry it. Clean, dry hair will style way easier.

Q5: Do you have any final tips or advice?

Be flexible! We want you to love your hair, and we want it to last all day! That means we need to be able to do a style that you can wear with YOUR specific hair. That is why trials are important, so you can find a style that will work for you individually.

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Thank you so much for sharing your tips and expertise, Niki and Mariah!
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July 23, 2018

Bridal Beauty Answers from the Experts!

Bridal beauty answers from the experts

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