Tales of a New Photographer Series:

Coming to terms with my reality, and why my day job is NOT “my enemy”

There are lots of reasons why I wanted to start a series about my journey as an entrepreneur/business owner/wedding photographer/night owl, but mostly for two main reasons:

First, to document and journal my own struggles, wins, setbacks, and adventures, to look back on, so that 5, 10, 20 years from now, and I see how far I’ve come (or haven’t).

Second, to give an opportunity for others to follow my journey, and hopefully learn a thing or two that could help them on their own journey!

So, for this first issue, I’d like to share how I’ve come to love my day job, despite having a new found passion and dream to be my own boss and pursue life as a business owner. First and foremost, in full disclosure, this is not something that just came natural, all the credit goes to the great Jon Acuff and his book “Quitter”, which talks about closing the gap between your day job and your dream job. If you find yourself in the same stage I was, I encourage you to purchase his book, like now!

My journey to get to this point goes something like this:

Lovin day job as full-time traveling HR Guru in Healthcare Industry, no “major” complaints > goes on two-week vacation half way around the world to Mauritius > husband says you should buy a professional camera > buys professional camera > decides Wedding’s is where the heart is at > wishes I didn’t have my day job so I could focus more on my business > stumbles across “Quitter” > loves my day job again!

Instead of focusing on all the things that “limited” me to becoming a full-time business owner (i.e. my day job), I focused on all the things that it allowed me to do as a business owner, like:


Pay for my dream!

For all my desire to “leave” and pursue my dreams full-time, the truth is, I could, but then couldn’t afford to invest in my business. I’ve been able to invest thousands of dollars into my equipment, training and development, styled shoots, branding, and tools/programs/systems to elevate my photography business to a professional level. All without going into debt! I have my day job, and Isaac, to thank for this. I wouldn’t be as far as I am without them.


Say “no”

Because I have the financial freedom, and am not dependent on accepting anything and everything to make a buck to help pay the bills, I have the freedom to say “no” to things I’m not passionate about shooting, or clients who are not my ideal clients.


Network and travel to places I’ve never been

Contrary to what many people think about “HR”, I actually have a pretty awesome gig that allows me to travel to places I’ve never been and meet people I would have never otherwise met.  This is GREAT as a business owner and photographer, because I get to “broaden my horizon” as they say, without having to spend my own money to do it!

Because I have a full-time day job and a side hustle, does it mean I have to work even harder, yes, stay up later, yes, drink more coffee, yes and yes, but for now the best of both world’s works for me.


With Love Always,


P.s. Click here to check out this blog post on My Why

September 29, 2017

Tales of a New Photographer Series: #1 – Coming to Terms

Thank you for reading!


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