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Contrary to popular belief, I did not grow up with a camera. I wasn’t given a camera when I was younger, and I didn’t grow up dreaming of becoming a wedding and lifestyle photographer. (I know, shocking, right?) In fact, it wasn’t until one year ago, as of this month, that I began my professional wedding photography journey.

At the time, I was halfway around the world, literally, on a #rickettsadventure in Mauritius when Isaac suggested that I should upgrade to a DSLR professional camera. Very randomly I should say, as I was perfectly content shooting things I found interesting on Sony point-and-shoot camera.   So naturally, and without hesitation, I agreed with him. Why not try it out? As soon as we landed on US soil, I ordered my first professional DSLR camera, and well, here we are today.

And yet… even though I didn’t start professional wedding photography until a year ago, I always had a passion for creating and documenting memories. I was that kid who had not a single inch of white space on her bedroom walls because of photos of friends and family, and New Kids on the Block (I love you, Jordan!!).  I was that kid whose mom kept childhood and family memories preserved in drawers and in those plastic cheap albums where the cover crinkles and you slide the pictures through plastic sleeves. I was the kid whose mom kept the same formal school pictures from elementary to middle school plastered on the living room wall for all to see until I left home at 18! Yes, even the 5th-grade photo with the yellow vest, front tooth gap, and a fresh “shag” boy cut (embarrassing, I know).

But when I was older, after my mom passed away, it hit me… I realized I’d never seen a wedding photo of my parents—not one. There were no memories of their special day, no stories to tell through pictures, and no legacy albums or heirlooms to pass on to the next generation.

But that wouldn’t be my story. I determined early on in my relationship with Isaac that I wanted to document my own adventures with him, even if via a basic Sony camera, by creating professionally made photo books, which I’ve done for over 12 years now. In fact, on our wedding day, we were blessed by one of my coworkers, who agreed to document our wedding for $0, so he could get the experience as he started his own photography journey (something I can relate to now!). It wasn’t the most luxurious album (picture leather cover, upgrade, with plastic sleeves!), but it is still a cherished heirloom in our family.

Now that I am on my own wedding photography journey, I know that is what I want to give to other couples and their families. I don’t want others to have the same experience I had when their parent(s) pass away. I want families to be able to take out their legacy albums and heirlooms and be able to look back 10, 20, 40 years from now and reminisce on their special day, like Isaac and I do.

And that is my “why.”

My Why Tina Ricketts Photography
My Why Tina Ricketts Photography
My Why Tina Ricketts Photography

September 20, 2017

My Why?

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