Meet The McMillan Family

Elliot, Lia, Jonas, Mae, and Abigail

Before we get into this beautiful Eagle Island State Park Family session, I have a confession – I’m technically NOT a family photographer, lol! It’s a different ball game, a unique art form that demands a special kind of photographer to master. However, when it comes to my cherished inner circle—my family, friends, Pennant family, and the incredible couples from #TRP who’ve continually chosen me to be their family photographer—I gladly take on the challenge! There’s something incredibly rewarding about delving into their world, capturing their dynamics, personalities, and crafting memories that will resonate decades down the line.

I first met Elliot, or El (which is what I call him) 10 years ago when he interviewed me for an HR position at Cornerstone Healthcare. That day literally changed my life, and he’s been part of my journey ever since. He’s not just an attorney; he’s the kind with a wit that can light up any room and a heart that’s boundlessly generous. I’ll never forget the day I thought our office was under siege by a knife-wielding individual covered in blood. My immediate call? Elliot! He fearlessly dashed out, ready to face the threat, only to discover—or rather, be reminded—that it was Halloween! #FunniestStoryEver! He’s actually more like a younger brother than a co-worker, so when he went through a difficult chapter in life, I knew I wanted to do this for him… his first EVER family photo session.


For someone who isn’t the typical “family photographer,” diving into Elliot’s family session felt like an honor and a privilege. Witnessing this pivotal moment in his life, capturing the love, the connections, and the unspoken stories within his family was an experience I’ll forever treasure. Being able to freeze these moments in time, knowing they’ll become cherished treasures for El and his loved ones as the years unfold, fills me with so much joy. It’s a continued reminder of why I do what I do.

So, while family photography might not be my typical forte, being able to gift him and his family with these captured memories feels like an invaluable contribution to their life’s story—a story of laughter, resilience, and an unbreakable bond.

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December 26, 2023

An Eagle Island State Park Family Photo Session

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