a year to remember

A Look Back into my TOP 18 of 2018!

To say this year flew by is an understatement. 

I guess that’s ONE of the many reason’s why I LOVE what I do! To me photography freezes time, it says of all the moments that pass us by, “no, not this one“, not this moment. This moment, this memory, I’m going to freeze so that when we have years like the one I had (you know, the blink and it’s gone kind of year) we have something to look back on. Something that at the end of the year or 5-10-20 years from now, we can say “oh yeah” I remember that! 

So as I reflect on my 2018, I am so grateful for all the memories it created! For all the new friendships, professional relationships, opportunities, travel, and lessons learned! Below are my top 18 highlights from my year I’d like to share with you to give you a glimpse into my world and all I’m thankful for. In no particular order…

  1. Being a recipient of Cornerstone’s “Life Changing Service Award” for my HR Resource leadership role with Cornerstone. Such an honor and humbling experience! 
  2. My 10-day, 6-State, East Coast Adventure with my man! #rickettsadventures
  3. A Friends Thanksgiving
  4. Hiking up Rattlesnake Ledge in North Bend, WA, coupled with a destination engagement shoot! Check out Gallery here!
  5. My first Sun Valley Wedding (a Dream destination Wedding of mine since I started Wedding photography). 
  6. Boating on McCall Lake and renting a Cabin for my Birthday (A total unplug)! 
  7. A visit from family friends from CA, and Snowboarding for the 1st time on Brundage Mountain!
  8. Transitioning my Client Management system to HoneyBook – seriously a game-changer for me and the BEST business decision of 2018! 
  9. Signing up for Sun Basket an Organic meal delivery service (cuz let’s face it…. I hate planning, shopping, prepping, and cooking. Period.)
  10. A visit from my Nina in March for Isaac’s birthday 🙂 
  11. An all expenses paid vacation to San Diego with my + 1 for all the hard work in 2017 at Cornerstone! See the blog post about it here!
  12. Seeing LeBron James LIVE at the NBA finals game, Boston Celtics vs. The Cavaliers.
  13. Destination shoots in Boston MA,  Fullerton CA, and Portland OR.
  14. Discovering that Rolphing actually works as a form of alternative therapy. Game-changer.
  15. Being invited and participating in the 2018 Idaho Giveaway with amazing #bossbabes!
  16. Gifting my annual wedding day photography giveaway to Mariah + JD! I love when I can pay it forward; especially to such an awesome couple!
  17. Lesson Learned: Changing my paradigm from “I have 24 hours a day” to “I have 168 hours a week” is a game changer. When I started to think like this, my mentality changed from “I don’t have enough time” to what do I care about the most. When I viewed my week in 168 hour increments vs. 24 hours but per day, I realized I had WAY more time then I thought, I just prioritized wrong. In 2018 it became clear… there’s ALWAYS time for what I care about the most. No more excuses!!
  18. Lesson Learned: Ultimately, nobody cares WHAT you do… they care WHY you do it! 2018 was about finding my why and finding my purpose in business. 2019 will be about learning how to better communicate that to my peeps! To learn more about my WHY, click here!

Well, there you have it fam bam! Here’s to another year gone by and all that 2019 holds!!

December 17, 2018

A Year to Remember

a year to remember

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